Plasticless March: my five exceptions

So I started avoiding plastic a bit more than three weeks ago. Some things have been easy, some things not so. Nobody’s perfect and on top of all other stressing factors in my life, I decided Plasticless March wouldn’t be one of them.

So I allowed myself some exceptions. Here is a fairly regular set of grocery shopping for me: fruit and veg bought loose, beans and lentils in tetrapack cardboard, vegan and non-vegan milks, porridge, vegan or non-vegan yoghurt, organic fruit juice, toilet paper.

My exceptions in the kitchen:

  1. Vegan milks: they all come with a plastic cap. The alternative would have been to make the milk myself (too much effort) or to change to cow’s milk.

  2. Margarine: No proper alternative found. I tried to go without for some a week, but dry bread wasn’t really doing it for me.

  3. Coffee beans: coffee is sacred in our household. This was never up for negotiation.

Also, there is not a single bread loaf in my near supermarkets, so a few times I have bought bread that has a plastic part on the paper bag. If actual bakeries were open and on my way, it would be possible to get bread without plastic.

My exceptions in the bathroom:

  1. Toilet paper: I heard some people use cloths that they wash, but just…no.

  2. Hand cream: My hands just get in an awful state without hand cream. I haven’t bought hand cream this month, but it’s not just about this month.

  3. Tooth paste: I tried making tooth paste myself, but it was disgusting and it doesn’t keep well, so I’d have to be making more all the time.

I am currently using solid shampoo and conditioner bars. The first works well, so I might be shifting to that permanently, but so far the conditioner hasn’t convinced me.

plasticless march: toiletpaper is an exception

#ecologicallifestyle #plastic #recycling

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